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Thank you for your interest in our Deep Creek Learning Center:  An Acton Academy.  We are honored you are here to learn more about us.

Want to start the process for enrollment consideration? 

Step One: Attend a Parent Information Night (or if we dont have one scheduled, contact us to schedule a 20 minute phone call)

Step Two: After attending a parent info night, sign up for a 20 minute family interview

Step Three: Depending on family interview, we will

schedule a studio shadow day for your child

Step Four: Depending on the outcome of shadow day, your child will be invited to apply or try again next year. 

The best place to start to see if an Acton Academy is a good fit for your family is a recently recorded interview with one of our founders, Laura Sandefer. You can find that video here! 

Note: We do not offer individual informational tours on our campus. We remain true to the Acton Academy values of a learner driven community. Our heroes are busy everyday working together to find their calling and doing important individual and collaborative work. We respect their space and offer group informational  sessions on a few evenings a year. Registration for these events can be found on this page as well as our social media pages. 



First, we invite you to watch this virtual tour video created by the founders of Acton Academy, Laura and Jeff Sandefer. Our question of the year is, Must a Hero face fear in order to ignite passion, love, joy or curiosity?

Please learn more about the Sandefers by visiting this website to read Laura’s bio and seeing Jeff in action by watching his TEDx video.


You might be interested to listen to this podcast that Jeff did with Jesse McCarthy of

Have you heard of Seth Godin? Here are his comments about Acton Academy.

Laura wrote this informative and helpful book about Acton Academy: Courage to Grow, which you can download to your kindle for only $1.10. We have a limited number of paper copies at the school to give away — please fill in your information on the home page to receive a free book today!

Books to read while pursuing enrollment at DCLC: An Acton Academy: 

Courage to Grow, Laura Sandefer

The One World School House: Sal Khan

Unschooling Rules: Clark Aldrich

Out of Our Minds: Sir Ken Robinson


Ready to Take your Next Step?

If you can answer “yes” to all of the questions below, we invite you to complete our enrollment questionnaire to better understand your and your child’s learning goals and why you’d like to join Deep Creek Learning Center: An Acton Academy. 

  1. Have you watched all the videos linked in this post? IF not, please do! Having an understanding of what it means to be part of an Acton Academy community is the first step of an informed conversation. 

  2. Have you looked at the tuition page and understand that due to our small size, we have limited scholarships?

  3. Are you keen to engage in a learning process that hands the responsibility of learning to the child and his/ her family?

  4. Do you support a learner driven approach to education? Our learners are responsible for their own education and we support them on their journey through trial and error. 

  5. Are you open to being on a hero’s journey with us?

  6. After reading through everything above carefully, do you believe your child would thrive in this kind of learning environment?

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