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  • May I visit Campus or get a Tour?
    In order to protect the learning environment of our learners, we do not offer unscheduled tours. If you would like to learn more about if DCLC is a good fit for your family, start with this page! We are full for the 21-22 school year. We will begin tours and enrollment interviews beginning in Feb 2022
  • What Grades do you Offer?
    We serve kindergarten through 12th grade. Because of the limited spaces available, an audition process is required for all new students.
  • Is the Acton Academy a Montessori School?
    We respect and incorporate Maria Montessori’s philosophy but, we are not a Montessori school. We also use the latest interactive technologies, hands on projects and the Socratic Method for discussions.
  • How Long is DCLC: Acton Academy in Session each year?
    We have our own independent school calendar where we are in session for 180 days per year.
  • Is DCLC: Acton a Christian School?
    Yes, we look for opportunities to build Biblical character and social-emotional development. We want to support families in their quest to raise children who love, respect and care for their communities. We believe that each of us has a special calling in life, and a series of trials and tests that must be faced with integrity and purpose rooted in Christ, in order to live a satisfying and fulfilled life.
  • What is a Learner Driven Approach to Learning?
    We research questions, follow instructions, solve problems—We admit that when we don't know something we are empowered to figure out a solution. When our learners hit a roadblock, an adult is not our first line of defense. We participate in discussions, and strive for mastery while growing curiosity.
  • Will Children be Grouped into Grades?
    We believe that children learn best when working with children younger and older than themselves rather than split up into groups based solely on age. In addition to an individualized curriculum, all ages of students work together in groups.
  • Does Acton Serve Special Needs Children?
    We are not trained to serve children with serious learning disabilities but have been able to serve young learners who thrive in an independent and flexible environment. All learners are expected to be confident working independently and collaboratively.
  • What do you mean by "Every Child Can Change the World"?"
    We believe each of our students will find a passion — something they love and have a gift to do. They will use this gift to serve others and fulfill a need they are passionate about in the world. This may be by becoming a shoe-shiner who tells stories and makes people's day just by doing his job with love and vigor; it may be by becoming a coach who sees the light in a child’s eyes and guides her to pursue a dream; it may be by becoming a father or mother who leads a family on a Hero's Journey; it may be becoming an entrepreneur or business leader guided by compassion and integrity, or it may be by becoming an artist or writer who brings beauty to people's lives.
  • What is Experiential Learning?
    This learning bridges the gap between knowing and doing. It is the process of guiding children in their learning through experience and then reflecting on those experiences. Experiential learning keeps the focus that the body and mind of a child is made to move and explore. Hands on learning experiences and guided conversation through the discovery process.
  • What is Authentic Learning?
    Learning that is not restricted by age. An example - If students are learning about building something out of wood, they use real tools to build something that they themselves drew/designed instead of using fake tools to build something that someone told them to recreate. ​
  • Can member parents, friends, and community members volunteer off hours if they are not available during the work day?"
    Yes! We will need help with a variety of projects that do not require presence during operational hours, such as: Property maintenance Cleaning (We will not have a hired cleaning staff. As this is our space, we will work collectively to maintain it and take ownership of it.) Painting Other professional services
  • What can I do to prepare for a Family Interview and Tour?
    First, become familiar with what it means to be an Acton Academy. We are different by design. Here are some books to read before deciding if DCLC is the best fit for your family: ​ Courage to Grow, by Laura Sandefer Unschooling Rules, by Clark Aldrich One World School House, by Salman Khan
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