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DCLC: The Best Decision I Ever Made- Co-authored by a 10 yr old DCLC student

(This week, the blog is co-authored by a 10-year-old student at DCLC. She gives such insight about what it is like to be a student at Deep Creek Learning Center.)

Going to DCLC is one of the best decisions I have ever made or helped to make! I love it so much and it is the most enjoyable school environment that I have ever been in. The old schools I attended had lots of drama and not many kids were friends. At DCLC everyone is a friend to everyone and there is no drama. It is amazing to not have to worry about daily drama. Do you know the amount of stress that removes from a kid’s life? A LOT!

Even though every day is different, there are parts of our daily routine that are the same. I like routine, so this is good for me. Since I attend the half day program, when I first get there, we have 20 minutes for recess. We get to play games, like Four Square or work in the Art Room.

Then, we have family meeting. During this time, we have a group talk about the day or learn something that will begin an individual discovery. For example, we recently learned about friction using the Plasma Ball. The Plasma Ball “operates when voltage is introduced in the miniature Tesla coil, creating an electric field inside the ball. As the electrode is negatively charged, the escaping electrons are introduced into the larger glass ball, where they interact with positively charged ions floating around inside. A concurrent oscillating voltage is introduced, changing the electric field and the path of the electrons, resulting in the tentacles – which, at this point, are invisible - that strike the inside of the larger glass ball.”

You can be sure when the Guides introduce something new, we will have the opportunity to do our own exploration. This investigation could include creating a replica of something or researching to dig deeper into a topic. After Family Meeting, we sometimes complete art projects, group projects, or go on hikes together.

At the end of the day, while we are waiting for our parents, we do various activities. We get to play games like Kick Ball or learn how to make bracelets. The older kids have taught a lot of us how to make bracelets and even make them for us as gifts. We also travel to the fort that we made in the woods. Down by the fort there is a creek and we found a bookshelf to put in the fort. This bookshelf makes it feel more like a home. I can’t wait to add more items to our fort!

I love DCLC so much. I think kids should come here because it is educationally fun every day. It can’t get much better than that!

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