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Don't Take Our Word For It:The Voices of Our Students

I had the pleasure of interviewing an eight-year-old student this week. She attends the half day program about three days a week. The following is our interview. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed conducting it!

1. What makes Deep Creek Learning Center special?

It is different than regular school. You are not in desks. You get to walk around and interact with other students. It is freedom!

2. What is your favorite academic aspect of DCLC?

I am currently working on a Bible project with a partner. She is eight years old too. We could use PowerPoint. Since we never used it before, an older student showed us a little about it, but then we played around with it and learned a lot on our own. We know how to put pictures on the slides!

3. What is your favorite “free time” activity?

I love playing Four Square. It is fun to compete, and everyone has fun playing together. We play without an adult helping us. It is different than gym class. The guides are outside, but they observe. Without a guide having to say anything, if someone gets out the rules are just followed. No one is crying or complaining.

4. DCLC is a small school. How do you feel about that?

It is perfect. If there are too many kids in one class, it gets out of control. If there is a problem, we help one another. It feels like every student is there to help. They don’t only care about themselves.

5. You work with younger students and older students. Can you tell me about this?

This is the best. The older kids are so nice. They never act cool. They treat me like a friend.

6. What are some things you would love to do at DCLC in the future?

I want to bake, play more sports, do more art projects, learn about the human body, and do more science projects.

A first, second, fifth and sixth grader working together with the Makey Makey while discovering conductive material.

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