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Everyone Can be a Hero

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

As we embark on our Hero’s Journey, we will be spending time with our learners discussing what it means to be a hero. During our first Launch, we used Nelson Mandela as an example to introduce the idea that being a hero requires a person to be brave.

After watching a short video about Nelson Mandela, our tribe (Kindergarten- 8th grade learners) engaged in a Socratic Discussion. They were asked to think about the fears he may have felt and ways he showed courage.

We listened as the learners engaged in a conversation with one another. We took a ‘step back’ and ‘recorded’ their words. If you were in the Studio you would have heard the following:

· He was strong, brave, outgoing, intelligent, and a good leader.

· He feared being killed, not getting out of jail, and people not believing in him.

· He showed courage by standing up to the apartheid.

This then led to a conversation about courage. Our heroes defined courage as:

· Bravery

· Standing up to someone

· Standing up for something

· Standing up for yourself

· Being unstoppable

The tribe was then asked if a person could be brave and afraid at the same time. They not only shared with one another their thoughts, but vulnerably shared their own fears. We listened as they shared:

· You can want to do something, but still in the back of your mind worry about the outcome.

· You can be brave about one thing and afraid about another.

· Being in the army is a great example of being brave and afraid.

· Jesus shared that he feared crucifixion, but trusted God.

· I feel this way watching a scary movie.

· I feel this way going on a roller coaster.

· I felt this way when I was in a bike accident. I still have a scar, but I had a friend with me and that made it easier.

What was the takeaway from all of this? Our tribe concluded that it is nice to have a friend with you when you are afraid. Even though they (we) 😊 may be a little nervous starting our Hero’s Journey and are aware that we are going to face challenges together, through a real-life hero like Nelson Mandela we can remember that courage isn’t the absence of fear, but being able to overcome it.

Are you ready to start your Hero’s Journey?

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