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Future Botanists at DCLC

Mrs. Smith, one of our amazing guides at Deep Creek Learning Center loves to teach the students about horticulture. Mrs. Smith has an authentic pleasure with sharing her knowledge of all things regarding gardening. We are privileged that there isn’t a shortage of plant life in Perkiomenville. We are equally appreciative that Mrs. Smith sees the beauty of plants. She truly knows how to turn what some would consider trash into treasure.

A few weeks ago, Mrs. Smith brought a Teasel to show the students. Below is a picture of this interesting looking plant:

She shared with the students that the roots of this weed can be used, under the advisory of a doctor of course, to help the body fight Lyme Disease. Mrs. Smith always shares how florists use plants like this one in arrangements. People also use them to spruce up their landscaping, make an assortment of crafts, or to decorate their home.

Every time Mrs. Smith presents one of her special findings the students always ask her a litany of questions. Mrs. Smith can answer every one of them without fail. She would dominate the Botany or Horticulture category on a Jeopardy board!

She often shares the projects she executes with the interesting plants she brings into school. For example, she created a craft mouse using Teasel. These stories have inspired our students to place their findings while outside in their backpacks or cubbies. Don’t be surprised if you find an animal made from a plant when a backpack is being unpacked at your house.

The students continue to engage with one another about plants they unearth during nature excursions. You may even hear your child describe something impressive they spot on the scenic drive home from DCLC.

One student at DCLC has taken curiosity in the plants she finds growing outside her house. This inquisitiveness has inspired her to turn slightly overgrown plants into decorations of her own. She is beginning to understand the meaning of looking at things through an altered perspective, especially when it comes to what some would merely view as plants that need to be trimmed.

This student decorator is finding new uses for overgrown landscaping. Recently, instead of trimming and disposing of the leftovers, she told her mom that they could decorate with the remains. This plant loving student has added a new level of beauty to her home. Check out her before and after pictures. Keep up the great work taking your love of learning home to share with your family.

Before After

Before After

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