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Glow in the Dark Geometry

Thursday and Friday this past week, we had fun with glow sticks and geometry. During our afternoon co-op time, thanks to Crazy 8s Math Club, we learned that “Math will never be the same" again.

As we discussed geometry, the learners used glow sticks to give examples of the questions being asked. If you were in the studio, you would have heard questions like:

  1. Which regular polygons fit together with no gaps or overlaps?

  2. How many hexagons will be made using all the glow sticks? Why?

This led to a discussion regarding how they see this pattern in nature.

Which then led to the question “Do you know why bees build their hives in the hexagon pattern?”

I humbly share that I think the highlight of the activity was when two of the learners (grades 6 and 4) had to leave DCLC earlier than usual. When their dad arrived to pick them up, they respectfully complained about leaving. This was the blockbuster moment. We learned a lot about math, but we are also learned that our tribe seems to be getting stronger each day as we take a step back. That is when the real learning begins.

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