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Grandparent’s Day

We were so excited to host Grandparent’s Day at DCLC on November 22. Our grandparents were greeted by Student Ambassadors. Some of the older students acted as Student Ambassadors for this event. Some of our Student Ambassadors began their assignment for the day in the parking lot. Their job was to greet grandparents and guide them to their parking spots. Then the grandparents were directed into the building.

Once inside, other Student Ambassadors were waiting to give a quick tour of the building. Everyone wanted to make sure that the grandparents felt welcomed at the 1st DCLC Grandparent’s Day!

We feel so blessed that our grandparents, after being shown the Amazon Wish List donation table by the Student Ambassadors, generously granted a lot of our wishes. Thanks so much, Grandparents! We will think of you when we use your gift.

Finally, the grandparents were given an information packet about the day before being united with their grandchild so the day could begin.

Instead of continuing the story of Grandparent’s Day from our perspective, we are going to turn this story over to some of our grandparents. They were asked a few questions. Here are some of their responses.

1. What was your overall reaction to Deep Creek Learning Center?

It seemed like a place where children were welcome to explore their interests and where they would feel safe.

Very positive . . . Orderly, Safe and Accepting.

Deep Creek seemed like a great place to explore and learn. Teachers or guides had a great interaction with the students.

2. What is your first school memory?

Kindergarten, Mrs. Powers, and a huge slide inside our classroom!

Having to take a nap in Kindergarten.

My first memory at school was that my teachers name was Mrs. Farley of course as a kid I thought that was pretty funny. Secondly I remember the toys. The big wooden truck and wooden kitchen with a wooden toaster and toast!

3. Was your school like Deep Creek Learning Center?

No, not at all, very traditional.

No, very traditional.

4. Do you remember any teachers you had or a favorite?

Mrs. Doellman was my third-grade teacher and she was my favorite. She was actually the most nontraditional of my teachers.

Assuming you are referring to grade levels similar to DCLC - Mrs. Holland my third-grade teacher that gave me a book about baseball.

Mrs. Lyons my fourth grade teacher was kind and generous with her love and gentle ways. She made me feel important.

5. What did you like to do at school?

I loved reading and math the best.

History Lessons and Gym!

I loved art and home economics.

6. Did your school do the types of things we do at DCLC?


Not really, maybe some limited freedom to move at at my pace in limited settings.

7. What made school exciting for you?

Probably being with my friends.

Learning about the beginnings of the United States and history of nations around the world.

8. What do you think makes DCLC exciting?

The kids get to make decisions about their activities.

Children feeling accepted in an environment that included both structure, freedom and facility layout that kids felt was "theirs."

I think getting to focus on the things the kids like most.

9. What did you want to be when you grew up?


Baseball Player. Coach, Teacher

A mom and a teacher

10. What would be your dream school be like if you could go back to school again?

Combination of traditional format, more hands-on experiential curriculum and a four day school week.

Help others who were struggling.

11. If you could go back, what advice would you give the younger you?

Help others who were struggling.

I would like to be able to learn at my own pace.

12. If you could go back, what advice would you give the younger you?

Being told by my 6th grade teacher that I would be in an accelerated class in 7th grade due to my grades and hard work.

Don't be afraid to ask questions.

I would want to walk by her and help her to understand that this time isn’t forever. I would help her to develop a closer relationship with Jesus with whom she could rely on in hard times.

13. What is your happiest memory of school?

Getting into Honor Society

Being told by my 6th grade teacher that I would be in an accelerated class in 7th grade due to my grades and hard work.

14. What subject did you like best?

Reading and math



15. What extra activities did you participate in?

Choir, volleyball


Thanks Grandparents! We loved seeing you and look forward to seeing you again soon.

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