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Learn to Do, Be, and Learn

Our goal at DCLC is for ALL learners:

  • to conquer real world challenges

  • to develop heroic habits of lifelong learners

  • to practice to unfold the warm-hearted and tough-minded character traits needed while searching for a calling that will change the world

How do we do this? There are many answers to this question of course, but one way we begin to guide our learners in this direction is by Building the Tribe. This is THEIR community and ownership begins with our HEROS. Since September, we have been encouraging the tribe to think of themselves as a family.

What is a family? A family is a group of people who have a shared commitment. A family works towards a common goal. A family praises acts of kindness. A family holds boundries. A family resolves conflicts. A family gives and receives critiques. A family has a vision.

Our FAMILY at DCLC is grasping that living fully means to:

F---------Fail early

A---------Attempt the task again

M------- Make changes

I---------- Instill a growth mindset

L----------Learn from the past

Y--------- Yearn to discover a calling

As we continue to Build the Tribe, we will make mistakes, learn from them, but ultimately thrive. We know every learner who enters our doors has the courage to begin this life altering journey.

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