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Our Hero’s Journey Began Today

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Last week we had the privilege of spending a few days at Acton Academy in Austin, Texas in the last phase of our affiliation process.

Today, we Launched into our Hero’s Journey at Deep Creek Learning Center: An Acton Academy!

What is a Hero’s Journey?

At DCLC, we believe that each person who enters our doors deserves to find a calling and change the world.

How do we do this?

Through our blog, you will be given a front row seat as we guide our learners towards achieving 3 Big Goals:

· Learn to Learn

· Learn to Do

· Learn to Be

We believe that these 3 Big Goals can answer 3 Big Questions at the end of a life well lived:

· Did I contribute something meaningful?

· Was I a good person?

· Whom did I love and who loved me?

Stay tuned to hear more about our first Launch and the Hero we used to demonstrate Courage- Nelson Mandela.

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