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Pandemic Schooling - For Such a Time as This

It goes without saying that we are living in challenging times. We will most likely reference the virus as a place holder in our lives; how things were before and how things were after. Many of us are spending unexpected valuable time with our families while others in the health field or other essential workers may be missing their loved ones dearly while working mandatory long shifts 7 days a week. One thing we all share is a shift in perspective and reevaluation of what is really important in our lives.

Many parents fear what the shutdown of the public school system means for their children today and for months to come. Do we homeschool? Is summer vacation gone? Will my children have to repeat this grade? Will my child be behind if he/she moves on? There is anxiety and frustration from teachers and administration trying to pivot in their traditional educational strategies.

Being a part of the Acton Academy network has been inspiring in these times of uncertainty. Learners all over the world are continuing their independent core skills and discovering new ways to collaborate with their peers through the use of technology. We value being tough minded when we face challenges and use real world problem solving skills. It doesn’t get more “real world” than this. Our learners are facing challenges head on and discovering new ways to solve unforeseen problems. We aren’t just treading the educational waters, we are swimming full speed ahead.

Right now, many of our learners are creating Living History journals and research as a way to document their own reality with the Corona Virus. This pandemic has not slowed us down but has inspired us to keep forging ahead. We are a growing community of learners that have a passion to change the world by seeking answers to questions that have yet to be asked!

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