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"Pretend You Are Swimming"

As many of you know, Deep Creek Learning Center was severely damaged by the storm on August 4th. After putting the final touches on our lower level just 2 weeks before, we took in 4 ft of water washing away all of our hard work and preparation for the launch of our 2020-21 school year. Seeing more than one hundred of our books floating off our library shelf is hard to look at. Our refrigerator was floating and our balance beam from the back exercise room, ended up in the kitchen. Seeing the destruction of our physical building was difficult after coming to terms with the reality that 12 of our young children had to be paddled away on a rescue boat. I am so thankful that no one was hurt.

I came back to assess the damage the next day. The water was still there and just as high as the day before. A DCLC family member stopped by to check on the building and bring me a smoothie to cheer me up. We went downstairs to take a closer look at the overwhelming task in front of us. She suggested I wade through the water to pull out a few pieces of furniture. In hindsight, this was a gross suggestion because the water was clearly… not clear. As I got close to the furniture, I saw a floating giant homemade Jenga block the kids loved to play with. The set was donated by one of our families. On each block, there were handwritten fun gestures or questions to answer. Only 1 of the Jenga blocks floated away from the full set in the container. On this one stray block were the words, “Pretend you are swimming!”

PRETEND YOU ARE SWIMMING. Really? After a quick laugh and then a really ugly cry, it was time to pretend I was swimming. No, I didn’t literally swim in the disgusting stagnant water, but my perspective was. I had the choice to let the feeling of defeat stop me in my tracks or I could stay committed to my own Hero’s Journey.

At DCLC: An Acton Academy, we talk about being on our Hero’s Journey. I invite you to watch this short clip which explains it perfectly. We all start at our own status quo and experience challenges and feelings of getting knocked down, but getting up again and again. We end up back at the status quo, but not as the same person we were before. Sure, we could throw in the towel and say that we tried. That is not the way our story will end. Acton Academy families face struggles in front of them as a new challenge to overcome. That is our plan. Time to get to work. Details will be coming soon!

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