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What You Don't See...

We live in an age of highlights and filters. It can grab your attention but not hold it. When people ask about our program, I've tried to narrow it down to one inspirational thought that really captures what we do every day. Not possible. Even as we load photos onto a website or blog, you see what we are able to capture but not the full beauty. You see what we want you to see and we can edit our shortcomings. What we've found is sometimes our shortcomings and mistakes create the perfect atmosphere for learning that could never have been planned for. 

The past few days we've been exploring at the creek. I'm sure you've heard all about it. You see perfect lighting and smiles in the photos but you couldn't hear the pure joy and occasional panic of being stuck in a tree or slipping in mud. You couldn't hear the words of encouragement or extended hand to help a friend unprompted by adults. You missed me (almost) falling off a rolling log into the water. I was rescued by an 8 year old's hand and recommendation on where to step next. 

What you didn't see, was our amazement when we found numerous crates, barrels, and buckets that were left behind next to the creek from the last flood. We had a real trash to treasure conversation and decided on the spot to repurpose these crates into the perfect chairs for a DCLC fort. The ideas erupted off of each other and before we knew it, we had a plan!

We spend a lot of time collaborating with our peers. What you don't see is the authentic conversation that occurs without adult interjection. When a project is at hand, you can't hear the words, "hmm I don't know what do you think? How can we figure it out". But we do. Our guides hear these words and see the squints of determination. It inspires and challenges us to do the same. Our hope is that our families and friends share in our same excitement of the unknown. Ask more questions around the dinner table. Encourage deep thinking and see where it takes you! Be sure to watch and listen closely!

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