We as parents, are juggling anxiety of the unknown as well as new schedules to incorporate the best learning opportunities for our children. While writing this, I hear Incredibles 2 in the background. "Being a parent is a heroic act." While this line was lost on the ears of children, it stuck out to me. That line carries a lot of height and meaning in our current climate.

As we navigate how to "do school" in a way that works for all of our families, sometimes it is a relief to check in with other programs that are doing it well. Check out the link below from a fellow Acton Academy owner and heroic parent.

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It goes without saying that we are living in challenging times. We will most likely reference the virus as a place holder in our lives; how things were before and how things were after. Many of us are spending unexpected valuable time with our families while others in the health field or other essential workers may be missing their loved ones dearly while working mandatory long shifts 7 days a week. One thing we all share is a shift in perspective and reevaluation of what is really important in our lives.

Many parents fear what the shutdown of the public school system means for their children today and for months to come. Do we homeschool? Is summer vacation gone? Will my children have to repeat this grade? Will my child be behind if he/she moves on? There is anxiety and frustration from teachers and administration trying to pivot in their traditional educational strategies.

Being a part of the Acton Academy network has been inspiring in these times of uncertainty. Learners all over the world are continuing their independent core skills and discovering new ways to collaborate with their peers through the use of technology. We value being tough minded when we face challenges and use real world problem solving skills. It doesn’t get more “real world” than this. Our learners are facing challenges head on and discovering new ways to solve unforeseen problems. We aren’t just treading the educational waters, we are swimming full speed ahead.

Right now, many of our learners are creating Living History journals and research as a way to document their own reality with the Corona Virus. This pandemic has not slowed us down but has inspired us to keep forging ahead. We are a growing community of learners that have a passion to change the world by seeking answers to questions that have yet to be asked!

Don’t be surprised if your child comes home searching your kitchen for a food processor or blender. The team from Greenlane Naturals Café visited DCLC a few weeks ago. They made healthy snacks using a food processor with our students.

The first item on the menu was a fruit smoothie made with banana, pineapple, mango, almond milk, and coconut milk. As the smoothies were being prepared, the students were asked to share some of their favorite fruits. From strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries, to dragon fruit and pomegranates, we were overwhelmed by the number of students who like fruit. As a matter, not one student said that they didn’t like fruit! As the group devoured the blended drink, the room was silent. Everyone loved this special drink. The staff encouraged the students to begin their morning with smoothies. By filling a blender with healthy ingredients, you are giving your body a giant dose of health from the start.

Next the staff made hummus using garlic, red pepper, chickpeas, sea salt, and water, as a substitute for oil. The kids were excited to learn they could make their own hummus instead of just buying it at the grocery store! The hummus was served on a wrap with tomato and coleslaw cabbage. I live with a child who never would have eaten this if it were packed in her lunch. She was raving about the wrap and many of the students agreed.

A meal wouldn’t be complete without dessert. Greenlane Naturals Café wanted to add a healthy dessert to the mix. Using dates, almond butter, almonds, and coco powder, they made “no bake” brownies in the food processor. The kids could not believe how "real" the brownies tasted. Our chefs proved that eliminating unhealthy ingredients doesn’t mean your taste buds will be sacrificed.

When the students finished sampling the foods, they were asked to vote on their favorite. The smoothie was the most-loved snack of the day!

The owner of the café shared information about her business and encouraged the students that they can make their future entrepreneurial dreams come true.

Next time you are looking for a great spot to eat breakfast or lunch, visit Greenlane Naturals Café! We are sharing about our friends @ GLN at this very crucial time in their business. They are facing challenges in their township due to parking. If you want to support local fooderies that offer healthy options, make sure to see our friends in Green Lane and keep your food processor handy at home!


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